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Welcoming LVD UK to Allbart!

Allbart Ltd. are delighted to announce that we have agreed terms with LVD UK Ltd on the purchase of a brand new 12kw Puma 3015 Fiber Laser.

Complete with automatic loading crane and nozzle changer, the machine is another huge step for our company which turns 50 years old next year.

With our existing two laser cutters at 2-3kw, this new machine will really propel us forward in the laser cutting market. The whopping 12kw of power will give us massively increased cutting speeds and a higher quality cut on materials up to 30mm in thickness.

The machine, which will be arriving later in the year, will be replacing our old CO2 laser which we’ve had since 2005 and will also be a far more energy efficient option.

Combined with our existing Trumpf 2030 Fiber, our two 3000x1500 flatbed laser cutters takes our laser cutting capacity to a whole new level.


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