CNC Laser Cutting

"State of the Art Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & Laser Profiling in Kent"

Fiber-Optic TruLaser 2030 
The Latest State of the Art Technology in Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & Laser Profiling

Trumpf TruLaser 2030. The TRUMPF TruLaser 2000 Series offers the latest state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest standards in quality, reliability and efficiency in Laser Cutting and Laser Profiling. It combines the advantages of a compact machine with the performance of higher machine classes.


Our machine, which was installed in August 2016, allows us to cut more types of materials at a greater thickness, enabling us to offer our customers a much wider variety of product specifications. Together with higher laser cutting performance and optional automation, our capacity, flexibility and production times for our clients across Kent, the South East and all of the UK have significantly improved.

Trumatic L 2530 Laser -
State of the Art Technology in Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & Laser Profiling

We boast a second Laser Cutting machine, the Trumpf Laser L2530 PLUS universal CO2 Laser. The TRUMPF TLF series lasers offer state-of-the-art technology in Sheet Metal Laser Profiling to meet the highest standards in quality and reliability.

How it all works:

Laser Cutting and Laser Profiling machines can handle a variety of cutting tasks. These range from micrometer-precise cutting joints in paper-thin semiconductor chips to quality cuts in 30-millimeter-thick steel. In laser drilling, the laser beam generates very small to large holes in metals, plastics, paper and stone, without contact.


Where the focused laser beam strikes the workpiece, it heats the material so extremely that it melts or even vaporizes. Once it has completely penetrated the workpiece, the cutting process can start: the laser beam moves along the part contour, melting the material as it goes. Usually, a stream of gas blows the melted material downwards, out of the cut. The gap is barely wider than the focused laser beam itself.


In laser drilling, a short laser pulse melts and vaporizes the material with a high power density. The resulting high pressure drives the molten material out of the hole.

What we can cut:


Working range 

  • X axis - 3000 mm

  • Y axis - 1500 mm

  • Z axis - 75 mm


Maximum material thickness 

  • Mild steel - 20 mm

  • Stainless steel - 16 mm

  • Aluminum - 12 mm

  • Copper - 6 mm

  • Brass - 6 mm

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