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Our Newest Investment

Our most recent investment, the Trotec SpeedMarker 700, which will be commissioned in April 2024, enables us to laser mark logos, designs, dynamic data such as barcodes, serial numbers and QR codes, photos, as well as readable 1-point fonts and small geometrics to your sheet metal components.


We can laser mark a variety of different metal materials in both a powder coated or a self-colour finish. Whether it’s a simple, flat data plate or a more complex design featuring curved or angled faces to be marked, we are sure we can achieve the design you’re looking for.


We can also convert a large variety of file types to be laser marked including PDF’s, JPEG’s and PNG’s. CAD and Vector files can also be converted.

Individual components, as well as larger batch orders, are marked with a laser class 2 system for complete traceability, brand communication or functional markings. The marks meet the highest quality requirements in terms of legibility and durability 0 enabling the compliance with the most stringent guidelines such as UID, UDI etc. The laser cells have a robust design, are designed for longevity and comply with laser class 2.


Maximum Part Size: 375mm x 400mm x 359mm high.


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