Sheet Metal Kent CNC Punching

Sheet Metal Kent CNC Punching

Sheet Metal Kent CNC Punching

CNC Punching

"Quality and Reliability in Sheet Metal CNC Punching"

For many years, we at Allbart have used our CNC Punching machines to cut out much of our work for our customers throughout Kent and the South East. We still use our two fully tooled CNC-controlled TRUMPF Trumatic presses for lots of our work, ensuring reliability and a quality finish. The CNC Punching machines are directly programmed by the design office on our CAD/CAM system, ensuring accurate and highly efficient manufacturing throughout all stages of the process.


Sheet metal punching machines work through punching and nibbling mechanical cutting processes that can produce cutouts and contours of any shape and size on flat workpieces. Hydraulically driven punches cut through the material wth each stroke.

Throughout the years we have now developed a vast set of tools allowing us to cut all sorts of shapes for our customers, from simple holes to specially designed tools for more customised jobs. 


The CNC Punching machines have stood the test of time. They consist of a punch, die and stripper. When punching, the cutter makes a single stroke, the cutout produced corresponds exactly to the geometry of the punch. Simplicity of its mechanism along with the reliability and quality of finish is why lots of our customers still have sheet metal punch work from us to this day.

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