Sheet Metal Kent Folding Forming

Sheet Metal Kent Folding Forming

Sheet Metal Kent Folding Forming Press Brakes

CNC Folding & Forming

"Accuracy and Flexibility in CNC Press Brake Folding"

Similarly to our Punching Machines, our Press brake folding machines have stood the test of time. A fundamental part of Sheet Metal Fabrication, we now boast five fully tooled press brake folding machines which are CNC-controlled for simple operation, accuracy and flexibility.


We have 5 press brakes, 4 Trumpf and 1 Safan. All of which have a wide range of tooling for bending and flattening.

In June 2019 we purchased a brand new Trumpf Trubend 5130 - allowing us to fold longer and heavier products than ever before.


In CNC Folding, Forming tools can also be made to suit each of our customers' requirements.


Items can be folded and formed up to 3000mm in length, box type components can be formed up to a depth of approximately 300mm.


Your job is saved to our press brakes' computer for quick set up on your next order. High speed and short set up times mean cost effectiveness and cheaper prices for our customers.

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